May is Jewish American Heritage month, an appreciation of the generations of Jewish Americans who have helped make up the fabric of American history, culture and society. So give yourself a big pat on the back and get ready to show your Jewish pride.

Learn about the Jewish impact on American culture. Read up on a few Jewish Gems, like Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s civil rights activism; the musical reach of Leonard Bernstein; movie star Hedy Lamarr’s invention of WiFi (yes, you read that right); how Abel Meeropol wrote America’s most haunting protest anthem; the first international female sports star, Annie Kopchovsky; and, for Memorial Day, the WWII heroism of military chaplain Rabbi Alexander Goode. And no, Charlton Heston isn’t Jewish, but we bet you’ll love this story about the epic film “The Ten Commandments” anyway.

Listen to something Jewish. For the latest on everything Jewish and everything Philly, look no further than our Jewish Philly podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or check out our latest episode right here, featuring Jewish philanthropist and Minnesota Vikings owner Mark Wilf on why the Vikings should be Philly Jews’ second favorite team.

Attend a local Jewish event. Whether you’re interested in fashion, basketball, lectures, art, Yiddish, knitting, environmentalism or going to fancy parties for a good cause, we’ve got you covered for the month of May and beyond. Check our Community Calendar and find what excites you.

Eat something Jewish. Nu, you’ve barely touched the second helping on your plate. Better you should try some slow-braised brisket, some crispy latkes, sweet hamantaschen for dessert and maybe even a bisl of schnapps. B’teavon!

Raise Your Voice Jewishly. Civic engagement is a huge part of our Jewish heritage. Join the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Anti-Defamation League on their upcoming Advocacy trip to Harrisburg, where you can help lobby for issues important to our collective Jewish communities like gun violence prevention, hate crimes legislation and preservation of the social safety net. For more information click here.

Support your favorite Jewish organization. That would be us, of course! Carry the Light by ensuring our vibrant, dynamic Jewish communities continue to thrive. To learn more about the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and the work we do, click here. To donate, click here. Thank you, and happy Jewish American Heritage Month!