Imagine spending your entire adult life with one person, then trying to figure out how to live after this partner you have shared everything with is no longer with you. This was the reality for 90-year-old Belle Magerman who, thankfully, could turn to the KleinLife Senior Center in Northeast Philadelphia during this extremely difficult time. According to Belle, “The KleinLife Senior Center is a lifesaver to me. When my husband passed away eight years ago, I didn’t want to do anything for a couple of years. Then when I started to come to KleinLife, I started out with one day a week…then two days…then three days…then four days and then all week! I just love it!”

Belle benefits from a wide array of KleinLife programs, including in the congregate lunch and home-delivered meals programs, which meet her basic needs while helping her to enjoy a full life. Belle is a “regular” at KleinLife’s many social and education programs. She even gives back to the Jewish community as a volunteer through the RSVP program. The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia provides significant support to KleinLife for initiatives such as these, to ensure Greater Philadelphia seniors like Belle can age healthily, and with dignity. Last year, more than 3,400 clients attended socialization programming at KleinLife Senior Center; more than 2,200 of these clients live alone.