Sixty-year-old Ned has long struggled with mental illness, which was exacerbated when his parents passed away. This, coupled with a fixed income, made it extremely difficult for Ned to care for himself and his beloved Northeast Philadelphia home, which holds so many cherished family memories. One day, Ned saw a flyer for the Jewish Federation’s Rhawnhurst NORC (Naturally Occuring Retirement Communities) and made a call that would end up changing his life.

After a home assessment, Rhawnhurst NORC staff and volunteers weatherized his home, painted, supplied a much-needed fan and air conditioner, and made repairs such as fixing a wall. “This made me really happy,” said Ned. “Now I am proud of my house.”

Just as important has been the physical and mental health support Ned now receives. Ned has reliable transportation to important doctor’s visits, and to food shopping; he also receives healthy food packages from the Jewish Federation’s Digital Choice Food Program. Ned has begun attending lunch-and-learn programs hosted by the Rhawnhurst NORC and volunteers for different programs around the city. He also began attending programs at the KleinLife center. Said Ned, “Before the Rhawnhurst NORC, I used to sit and eat and watch TV all day. I was depressed and isolated. I didn’t have the skills to talk to people. I wouldn’t even leave the house. Thanks to the Jewish Federation, I got a second chance in life.”

Thanks to your generosity, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s Rhawnhurst NORC (Naturally Occuing Retirement Community) helps lower-income seniors in Northeast Philadelphia to remain living in their own homes safely and with dignity. Through the program, Ned Crane was connected to transportation to food shopping and doctor’s appointments, home improvements, lunch programs and volunteer opportunities.