Letter From the President & CEO and Board Chair

Thanks to your generosity, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is empowered to utilize our collective resources to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews. Every community is as strong as the efforts of its members, whether that investment is of time, talent or treasure. Over the past year, the strength of your partnership with us has helped our Jewish communities thrive locally, in Israel and around the world.

Judaism encourages us to take an accounting of ourselves at least once a year, a spiritual self-assessment known as cheshbon ha’nefesh, “accounting of the soul.” It asks us to mindfully evaluate all that we do, and all that we are, so as to remain faithful to our values, keep our goals in sight and perform at our peak. This report is the Jewish Federation’s own annual cheshbon, our opportunity to be transparent and give you a thorough accounting of our work and our finances, and ensure they are in perfect alignment with our mission — the soul of this organization.

We remain focused on our three pillars of sacred work: serving vulnerable populations, inspiring community engagement and supporting Jewish life and learning. Together, we help maintain a Jewish world that is interconnected, vibrant, and will continue to flourish for generations to come. This year, in addition to supporting a vast array of health and human services, there were so many milestones, including a change in volunteer leadership with Susanna’s installation as Board Chair, and our communities’ massive rally to declare our Stand Against Hate. We extend a heartfelt thanks to Bud Newman for his years of dedicated service as Board Chair and to 2017 Campaign Chairs Rhonda and David Cohen.

With this cheshbon you hold in your hands, we’re excited to show you the positive impact we’ve influenced together.

One exciting figure worth noting: Our 2017 Annual Campaign raised just above $32 million, representing an 8.4% increase over the previous year. The campaign’s success helps to demonstrate the vitality of our Jewish communities, as well as the vision we share for our strong collective future. Only through everyone’s participation is the Jewish Federation strong, efficient and responsive enough to accomplish all that we do. For helping us repair our world — and for all your support for the work that remains ahead — we thank you.

Naomi Adler
President & CEO

Susanna Lachs Adler
Board Chair

Who We Are

For more than 115 years, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia has served as the hub of the region’s Jewish communities.

The Jewish Federation is dedicated to three focus areas: serving vulnerable populations, inspiring community engagement, and supporting Jewish life and learning — locally, in Israel and around the world.


Serving Vulnerable Populations

The Jewish Federation makes a vital difference in the lives of vulnerable community members of all ages in Greater Philadelphia, in israel and around the world. Our commitment includes delivering nutritional sipport, enabling people living with disabilities to reach their full potential, helping older adults age safely in their own homes, and providing lifesaving humanitarian relief for Jews in need.


Reaching Out To Feed A Friend

Every Tuesday around 11:00 a.m., Lisa’s phone rings. At the other end is a glimpse into the lengths our Jewish Federation goes to ensure every food-insecure member of our communities is nourished. “Hi, Lisa!” says the Northeast NORC volunteer on the line.


Supporting Communities Globally

The Jewish Federation’s work to support our Jewish world truly spans the globe. When hardship threatens or disaster strikes, we and our partner agencies ensure that no Jew ever feels alone.


Home Repairs for Holocaust Survivors

“I didn’t think there would come a time I would be by myself,” says Anna, one of hundreds of Holocaust survivors living in our area.


Inspiring Community Engagement

Our thriving Greater Philadelphia Jewish community is actually made up of many vibrant communities, representing a diverse spectrum of affiliations, interests, ages, and neighborhoods. The Jewish Federation knows our communities are stronger together. That’s why we continuously connect people and organizations with one another to fortify communal bonds, encourage collaboration and amplify our collective voices, so that we may work together to repair our world.


Advocating for Our Communities

When it comes to issues important to our Jewish communities, it is crucial that our voices be heard in the halls of power. The Jewish Federation’s Jewish Community Relations Council holds Advocacy Day missions to educate, train and lead volunteers to engage impactfully with legislators.


Jewish Information & Referral Services

Searching for information within the Jewish communities of Greater Philadelphia? Look no further than Jewish Information & Referral Services, which last year fielded 3,530 requests from people navigating the broad array of resources our Jewish communities have to offer.


Stand Against Hate

When amid a year of growing anti-Semitism hundreds of headstones were toppled at Mount Carmel Cemetery, our Jewish Federation mobilized the communities to come together in a powerful show of unity. “I’m a little verklempt!” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said through tears during a tour of the cemetery restoration.


Supporting Jewish Life and Learning

The Jewish Federation supports and promotes vibrant Jewish living and learning — locally and abroad — for children, teens, young adults and families. No matter where you are on your Jewish journey, we provide opportunties such as educational and camping resources, leadership development and family programs to further your exploration. That way, all community members can meaningfully engage in our rich Jewish heritage and culture, and strengthen our Jewish future.


Travel with Purpose

On Jewish Federation missions, participants take meaningful journeys to Jewish communities across the globe — expanding their worlds while also deepening their connections to one another, to their Jewish identities and to Israel.


The Lasting Joys of Jewish Summer Camp

Jewish summer camp is about so much more than campfires and color war. At camp, children get the chance to explore who they are, and who they want to become.


Learning to Lead

The Teen Giving Project is an ambitious, collaborative program launched last year by the Jewish Federation, whose curriculum about Jewish philanthropy sought to expand teenagers’ understanding of tzedakah and tikkun olam.


Real Estate, Financial Highlights, and Board Members

Learn more about our different campuses, financial highlights, and members of our board of directors and board of trustees.

Real Estate

On our five campuses across the region the Jewish Federation creates a home base for Jewish organizations, providing them with services including technical support, security consultations, snow removal and rent subsidies.


Financial Highlights


Board Members

See a listing of our board of directors and board of trustees.