All your questions for Naomi Adler, Esq., answered! This week’s question:

What’s your favorite Jewish tradition?

I have many, but my favorite is the moment every erev Shabbat when my husband and I place our hands on the heads of our three boys and give our blessing.

Every week we light candles and do Kiddush, and then there’s a traditional blessing for your children. When I was growing up, my dad and I would stand up and face each other, I would put my head on his chest and close my eyes, and he’d put his hands on my head and bless me. My dad still blesses me whenever I see him on erev Shabbat.

My husband and I put our hands on our children’s heads, one at a time. It’s the moment when each boy knows that they’re precious to us, and they feel the peace of being blessed. It’s a moment of separation from the rest of the week when they know we love them, and we bring in Shabbat together with that love. It’s a moment of true, peaceful togetherness.

Shabbat Shalom,