All your questions for Naomi Adler, Esq., answered! This week’s question:

What are your Chanukah traditions?

When each of my three kids was born they received a chanukiah of their own. And ever since they were little, they light the same one every year, and we take pictures of them. We use a fancy camera and everything. On the last night of Chanukah we present them little compilation books of pictures from throughout the past year, starting with last Chanukah and ending with this Chanukah. Each child has his journey documented. It’s like our growth chart, but instead of marking your growth on the wall, it’s through photos from year to year.

So you know what that means for me: Every Thanksgiving I start panicking and going through every photo taken throughout the year — every science fair, every baseball game. I wind up staying up about three nights in a row to get it all done. But the finished product makes it worth it! Of course I always order a copy for myself.

Shabbat Shalom,