Have you been abandoned by a camel in the Negev? Found love in Israel via a jellyfish sting? Served as the IDF’s official gardener?

Did your cousin become President of Israel?

Last year, when the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia hosted storytelling workshops in celebration of Israel70, we discovered our community members had experienced all of these — and much more. At our workshops, hosted in partnership with First Person Arts, participants from across Greater Philadelphia came out to master the art of storytelling, and then penned their own stories about their personal connections to Israel, which they shared during a filmed session.

We are proud to now release a selection of “My Israel Story” videos. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, always thought-provoking, these stories reveal the incredible range of experiences that join Greater Philadelphians to Israel.

Click below to hear from Susan as she searches out the finest kosher McDonald’s hamburger in all of Israel. After the first video finishes, the rest of our playlist will continue automatically. Enjoy!