December 4, 2017
7:00 p.m.
2100 Arch Street, Room 200, Philadelphia

A Queer Country explores the development of Israel’s LGBTQ community in Tel Aviv — recently crowned the gay capital of the world — and what this means in a state with powerful religious undercurrents. Using interview access to Tel Aviv’s mayor, who is controversially credited with pioneering its LGBTQ scene, the film uncovers how liberal attitudes are often at odds with the country’s religious laws.

Interweaving the personal and political, the film builds an intimate portrait of Israel and its internal struggle between liberal and conservative attitudes, often ignored because of surrounding geopolitical conflicts.

Despite hosting one of the world’s largest gay Pride events each year, some accuse the country of “pinkwashing.” For these critics, promoting LGBTQ culture is a way of detracting from alleged human rights violations in the Palestinian Territories.

The documentary addresses these issues, as well as others, by telling the story of Israel’s struggling but vibrant LGBTQ community.