Crowd celebrating Israel

Now the national anthem of Israel, HaTikvah is adapted from a poem originally written by Naftali Herz Imber in 1877. In order to join with 140 years of finding hope and a connection to Israel in this poem, participants can learn and record the song.

Whether silly or serious, we want to hear what HaTikvah means to you. Belt it out or croon it. Serenade or yodel. Whip out some instruments or go a cappella.

Whatever your style, post your medley to social media and then challenge your friends and family to perform their own versions of the anthem. Ask your parents. Ask your roommate from college. Ask your bowling league. Together, we’ll discover everyone’s unique interpretations of HaTikvah and uncover the many bridges that the song builds to Israel.

No matter who has the best pipes in the end, we’ll all come together to sing HaTikvah on May 6th at the Big Bash.