1. The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia represent a broad and diverse Jewish community that actively values and welcomes open expression, robust dialogue, civility, mutual respect, pluralism, engagement and diversity of opinion – the hallmarks of an open, democratic society that characterize both our nation and the State oflsrael. Our core values also include an abiding commitment to a secure Jewish community here and abroad. We stand firmly by Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people with the absolute right to live in peace and security as a member of the community of nations.
    We actively seek to build community and work in partnership with organizations and groups (both Jewish and non-Jewish) that share these values. Therefore, the Jewish Federation seeks to fund, organize, promote and/or co-sponsor joint public programming on Israel-related issues with organizations that, through their mission or activities, act consistently with these core values.

  3. While we encourage debate and discussion about Israel’s policies, the Jewish Federation rejects conduct that demonizes, delegitimizes or challenges Israel’s right to exist as a democratic Jewish state and as the sovereign expression with guarantees, with right to self determination of the Jewish people based on freedom, justice and peace, complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex and a guarantee of a freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture. Manifestations of de-legitimization include:

    1. Actively seeking to undermine recognition of the right of the Jewish people to self – determination in Israel;
    2. Denying Israel the right of self-defense possessed by every other nation;
    3. Equating contemporary Israeli policies with those of the Nazis. (This comparison has been defined by the U.S. State Department as a form of anti-Semitism);
    4. Characterizing Israel as an apartheid state;
    5. Advocating and pursuing boycotts of Israeli goods, academic or cultural activities or other actions intended as punitive measures against Israel;
    6. Singling out Israel for international sanction by applying a standard that asks Israel to behave in ways that are not asked of other nations.

  5. The Jewish Federation should not fund, promote, co-sponsor, organize or allow the use of any Federation owned and/or operated facilities for joint public programming on Israel-related issues with organizations that through their mission or preponderance of their activities:

    1. Advocate for or endorse undermining the legitimacy of lsrael (see II.A-F) as a secure, independent, democratic Jewish state, and as the sovereign expression of the right of self­ determination of the Jewish people; or
    2. Endorse or promote anti-Semitism, or discrimination against any Jewish community in any location throughout the world; or
    3. Endorse or promote bigotry, xenophobia, violence or other extremist views; or
    4. Conflict with the values stated in section I above.

  7. The Israel Advocacy Committee shall be responsible for implementing the policy described above as follows:

    1. All JFGP personnel who are involved in decisions to fund, promote, co-sponsor, organize or allow the use of any Jewish Federation owned and/or operated facilities for a joint public program on Israel-related issues (“Program”) shall be provided a copy of this policy and shall be instructed about the procedure for its implementation.
    2. If the Jewish Federation personnel involved in a decision referred to in paragraph A has reason to believe that Jewish Federation’s involvement in a proposed Program contravenes the policy, the Jewish Federation personnel involved in the decision shall not make a Jewish Federation commitment regarding the Program before submitting the issue to the Israel Advocacy Committee. The committee will determine whether the proposal is consonant with the policy described above.
    3. If a majority of the members of the Israel Advocacy Committee conclude that the proposal in question contravenes the policy, then the Jewish Federation will decline to authorize the Jewish Federation’s involvement with that Program.