It’s that time of year again: back to school season, when we help choose for our children the many programs and activities that will shape their lives. Basketball? Art? Choir? For families with young children looking to incorporate Judaism into their lives — or meet other local Jewish families — add a jkidphilly program to your list. Jewish Federation-supported jkidphilly’s calendar is packed with fun, educational and inspiring programming rooted in Jewish traditions, tailored to engage children, their parents, and grandparents too. Just ask Eileen Kupersmith, who already raised her own children and now is delightedly re-experiencing Judaism through her three grandkids. “It is gratifying when our children embrace the beliefs we hold most dear,” Eileen says.

With 40 years of experience in early childhood education, Eileen knows the importance of jkidphilly’s experiential programming, which encourages children of all ages to immerse themselves in Judaism through play, art and the outdoors. Through events like Chanukah at the Mall and the upcoming Grandparents’ Celebration, Eileen and her husband help their grandchildren discover age-old Jewish values of “giving tzedakah, doing mitzvot, and being a mensch,” she says. Big jkids (ages 7-12) can sign up to do mitzvot on a regular basis. The fun continues on jkidphilly’s website, which is stocked with games, videos, activities and even Spotify playlists to help little ones discover Shabbat, Jewish holidays and the importance of Israel.

But jkidphilly isn’t just for kids. They frequently host Moms’ Nights Out to connect mothers to one another, and help set up everything from playdates to holiday celebrations, allowing both kids and parents to forge relationships. And, of course, there’s plenty for Bubbe and Zayde. “My heart is filled with hope when I see them living the traditions and values that our people saved for thousands of years — L’dor vador,” Eileen beams.

jkidphilly offers programs all year long for all Jewish families across Greater Philadelphia. Join them from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Sunday September 16th at Morris Arboretum for their 5th Annual Grandparents’ Celebration, or discover their abundant resources and programs here.