“Radical Hospitality Creates Safe Space” is among the core values of Tribe 12, a dynamic Jewish Federation-supported group connecting Jews in their 20s and 30s with meaningful Jewish experiences. True to its code, Tribe 12 serves as a radically hospitable home for Jewish “tribes” of all stripes. Whether helping to group people by interest (there’s a fantasy football tribe and an a capella tribe) or identity (like the women’s tribe or Hispanic and Latino tribe), Tribe 12 prioritizes making everyone feel welcome. And since 2005, Tribe 12 has hosted the region’s most vibrant and visible young Jewish LGBTQ group.

“Tribe 12 tries to find a community for everyone,” explains Rachel Abramowitz, Tribe 12 Engagement Associate. “So this tribe is working to do that: To nurture and embrace the individual while also building community.”

A network of about 500 members, Tribe 12 LGBTQ events have included Shabbat potluck dinners; an annual LGBTQ seder at the William Way Community Center; and the always well-attended Philly Pride Shabbat. A newer project is Lip Service, an interfaith collaboration with local groups Out Muslim and Out Catholics. “So, a Jew, a Muslim and a Catholic walk into a gay bar — that’s literally what happened,” says member Ali Garber.

Tribe 12 LGBTQ community builders will be at the J.Proud table at Outfest on Sunday October 8th, 12 p.m.-6 p.m. Celebrate LGBT History Month by stopping by, saying hi, and finding out about future events!

For questions or more information, contact Tribe 12 Engagement Associate Rachel Abramowitz at rachela@tribe12.org. Or click here to join Tribe 12 LGBTQ’s email list.