A limited number of day and overnight camp need-based scholarships are available for the Summer 2022 season.

If you are applying for a camp out of state, a limited number will be considered for scholarships based on the amount of dollars available. Please complete your application as soon as possible in order to be considered; if you are asked to complete a waitlist form, this will be considered a part of your application. Do not forget to complete this section.

The application process is now open and awards will be made on a rolling basis. All applications must be submitted by March 31, 2022.

Please read the following FAQs carefully before applying, as eligibility requirements have changed.

How to apply

Please see the following applications:

If you have any questions, please contact us at scholarships@jewishphilly.org


1) Who is eligible?
  • Campers must be enrolled at an approved camp for Summer 2022 (see complete lists of approved day and overnight camps below under FAQ #3).
  • Campers must be between the ages of 5 and 19 years old by June 1 st  of the current camp season.
  • Campers must live in one of Jewish Federation’s five counties: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Philadelphia.
  • Campers must identify as Jewish.
  • Overnight campers need to attend camp for at least 19 consecutive days and day campers need to attend for at least 15 days (which may be nonconsecutive).
2) How do I apply for a camp scholarship?

If your camper is attending overnight camps for the first time, please click here to apply for our One Happy Camper grant.

If your camper is applying for day camp, is a returning overnight camper, or is otherwise ineligible for a One Happy Camper grant, please read the FAQs to determine whether you are eligible to apply for a Jewish Federation need-based camp scholarship. When you apply, you will be required to verify income by submitting tax documents from each adult who contributes to the financial support of the camper(s).

3) For which summer camps and programs can my child receive a scholarship?
  • For camps to be eligible, they must be a not-for-profit camp with a Jewish educational component, located in Pennsylvania with strong ties to the Greater Philadelphia region and have a record of service to local residents.
  • For Summer 2022, Jewish Federation offers scholarships to the following overnight camps:
    • BBYO Summer Programs
    • Camp Dina
    • Camp Dora Golding
    • Camp Gan Israel in the Poconos
    • Camp Havaya
    • Camp Moshava Indian Orchard
    • Camp Ramah in the Poconos
    • Camp Stone
    • Camp Zeke
    • Golden Slipper Camp
    • Habonim Dror Camp Galil
    • Perlman Camp
    • Pinemere Camp
    • New Jersey Y Camps
      • Camp Nah-Jee-Wah
      • Camp Nesher
      • Cedar Lake Camp
      • Round Lake Camp
      • Teen Camp
    • NCSY Camp Maor
    • URJ Camp Harlam
    • URJ Creative Arts Academy
  • For Summer 2022, Jewish Federation only offers scholarships to the following day camps:
    • Camp Achdus
    • Camp Gan Izzy of Bucks County
    • Caskey Camp Gan Israel of Greater Philadelphia
    • JCC Camps at Medford
    • KleinLife Summer Day Camp
    • Camp Kef – Kaiserman JCC Day Camp
    • Moshava Ba’Ir Greater Philadelphia
    • Ramah Day Camp
  • Jewish Federation only funds domestic camp programs with our Need-Based Scholarship program. If your child is planning to go to Israel, they may be eligible for one of the Jewish Federation’s Israel grants.

4) Do campers have to attend camp for a certain amount of time to be eligible?

Yes. Overnight campers need to attend for at least 19 consecutive days and day campers need to attend for at least 15 days (which may be nonconsecutive).

5) How are awards determined?

Need-based scholarship awards are determined based on the household’s annual income and household size. Estimated awards (as a percentage of the camp tuition cost), can be determined in the following chart.

6) How do I get my funds?

Scholarship awards are sent directly to the camps who apply the scholarship, who will apply the amount against the camper’s bill.

7) What is the maximum scholarship that each camper can receive?

Our goal is to make meaningful scholarships based on the funds we have available each year. Eligible campers may receive between 10% and 30% of the cost of camp, dependent upon the financial information provided by the family.

8) What financial information do you need to determine my award?

We require a family’s tax return to help us determine the need for scholarship. The parents or legal guardians of the camper must submit their most recent tax return making sure that lines 1 through 79 are included. We need a 1040 from each adult that contributes to the financial support of the camper(s) regardless of whether they reside in the same household with the camper or with each other. 

The campers must be listed as dependents on a submitted 1040 document. Depending on your circumstance, we reserve the right to require additional documentation.

9) Can a single camper receive both a need-based scholarship and a One Happy Camper grant in the same camp session?

No. A single camper may only receive either a need-based scholarship or a One Happy Camper grant. If you are the parent of a first-time overnight camper, please click here to visit our One Happy Camper page to see if you are eligible for that funding first.

10) Is it possible to receive multiple scholarship for the same camper in one summer?

No. Each camper may receive only one scholarship to one camp scholarship (day or overnight, not both) per summer. Please note that this is a change in policy from previous summers. Additionally, overnight campers can only receive either a need-based scholarship or One Happy Camper grant. 

11) I have not yet registered for camp. May I apply for a scholarship?

No. All applicants must be fully registered for camp by the scholarship application deadline. We cannot process the scholarship application of any camper who has not registered and paid a deposit to their

12) I have received a scholarship from you, but now we have decided to send my child to a different camp. Can I transfer the funds my child received to the new camp?

If we are notified by June 1 of a change in camps, we will do our best to transfer your award to the new camp, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a scholarship to your new camp.

Any changes in a camper’s enrollment will be subject to a recalculation of the camper’s award.

13) My plans have changed and the total cost of camp has either increased or decreased. Will the size of my award change?

Once awards have been determined, we cannot increase the award, even if the cost of camp increases. If the cost of camp decreases, scholarship awards will be recalculated.

If enrollment changes result in a camper attending camp for fewer than 19 consecutive days for overnight camp or 15 days (which may be nonconsecutive) for day camp, applicants will no longer be eligible for a need-based scholarship and any paid funds must be returned to Jewish Federation.

14) When will I hear if I have received a scholarship?

Applicants will be notified of their award within 30 days of submitting an application.

15) Am I guaranteed an award for submitting an application?

Scholarship awards are not guaranteed and are based on a camper’s enrollment and income eligibility. Scholarships are awarded until available funds are completely distributed. Applicants who submit a late application or apply after all funds have been awarded can be placed on a waiting list; however, funding is not guaranteed.

16) I missed the scholarship award deadline. What should I do?

We cannot process late applications. Applications submitted after the deadline can be added to the waiting list to be notified if additional funds become available; however, we cannot guarantee funding for any waitlisted applications.

17) My child is going to Israel with a camp program. Are they eligible for a camp scholarship?

If your camper meets all other eligibility requirements for a camp program that includes an Israel trip component, we welcome you to apply for a needs-based camp scholarship by clicking here.




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