Have you ever noticed that, as we retell the Exodus story at Passover each year, one character barely gets a mention? That’s right: Moses, of all people, is nearly missing from the Haggadah. Some say it’s so we don’t accidentally deify Moses by giving him credit for the miracle of our liberation, when all credit goes to G-d. Others say that if Moses’ greatness dominated the narrative, we might be too intimidated to recognize that a similar potential for creating change — for freeing others from oppression — lies within each of us, as well.

We have much to learn from the example of Moshe rabenyu. Inspired by Moses’ story, the Jewish Federation has created this exclusive storybook for you and your loved ones to enjoy. It even includes a Seder discussion guide to help enhance your conversations around the Passover table! You can download the e-book by clicking here.

Chag sameach!