When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not completely remove the corner of your field during your harvesting, and you shall not gather up the gleanings of your harvest. [Rather,] you shall leave these for the poor person and for the stranger. — Leviticus 19:9-11

On Wednesday, November 15th at 6:00 p.m., our communities will gather at the Kimmel Center for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s “Main Event,” our most glamorous night of the year. We’ll arrive for a cocktail hour of elegant drinks, delicious food and mingling; NextGen will also host a fabulous pre-party of their own for ages 21 to 45 in the First Tier Lounge. And then we’ll all head into Verizon Hall for a very special evening, including a tribute to our guest of honor: our immediate past president, Bernard “Bud” Newman.

Bud’s commitment to stewardship is evident in every aspect of his life. For one thing, he is the steward of a century-old family business started by his grandfather, an immigrant scrap peddler. Bud is the third in his family to serve as President of Newman & Company, Pennsylvania’s leading recycler and supplier of rigid paperboard — the stuff that makes up everything from board games to blue Tiffany boxes — and has cultivated a fourth generation to continue that legacy.

Bud is also a committed steward of the environment: He tends the soil on his beautiful New Hope farm, the produce from which goes to the Mitzvah Food Project to nourish those in need. And of course, Bud has long been a deeply committed steward of the Jewish communities. For that, and for his three wonderful years leading our Jewish Federation as president, we will thank him.

Our tribute to Bud will be followed by entertainment from comedian Jill Kargman, executive producer and star of the Bravo comedy Odd Mom Out. It’s sure to be a memorable and moving night. Join us! Register for the Main Event at jewishphilly.org/mainevent or, for more information, contact mainevent@jewishphilly.org or 215.832.0843.