The 2018 hurricane season is well underway. The most recent storm, Hurricane Michael, left parts of the Florida Panhandle in ruins, with at least five people dead and 1.1 million without power.

Once in a while you come across a salad that is so perfect, it’s hard to decide what element is most perfect. This, dear friends, is that kind of salad, courtesy of Abington-born celebrity kosher chef Jamie Geller, publisher of Maybe it’s the nuttiness of the arugula lettuce, offset by the sweetness of pears? Could it be the hearty spice of buffalo chicken strips? Or maybe it’s the candied walnuts that top off this meal with a smack of sugar? One thing we know for sure: With a recipe so quick and easy, you’ll be eating in 20 minutes flat. (Wait, that just might be the best part!) For the recipe, click here. B’te-avon (bon appétit)!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Jamie Geller,

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