Celebrate summer with the sizzle of this simple, juicy burger on the grill. The sink-your-teeth pleasure calls to mind a fine bit of verse by the burger gourmand J. Wellington Wimpy:

There’s nothing in the world that can compare
With a hamburger, juicy and rare
A hamburger lives for the pleasure it gives;
It’s a thrill on the bill of fare.
Such heavenly food deserves the best:
A home and contentment beneath my vest.
There’s nothing in the world that’s so divine
As a hamburger, tender and fine.

This delicious beef burger will have you waxing poetic, too — as will its “special sauce” — courtesy of Abington-born celebrity kosher chef Jamie Geller, publisher of JOYofKOSHER.com. For the recipe, click here.

Looking for a swoon-worthy vegetarian option? Look no further than Jamie’s veggie burger. For the recipe, click here. B’te-avon (bon appétit)!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Jamie Geller, JamieGeller.com