The 2018 hurricane season is well underway. The most recent storm, Hurricane Michael, left parts of the Florida Panhandle in ruins, with at least five people dead and 1.1 million without power.

Perfect for a picnic or for a piping-hot comfort meal, this creamy rice dish includes goat cheese and parmesan for a tangy twist, and is loaded with delicious spring vegetables, courtesy of Abington-born celebrity kosher chef Jamie Geller, publisher of

Here’s a tip: Though many cooks give their biceps a workout by constantly stirring the rice, there’s no need — in fact, over-stirring turns risotto gluey. To achieve risotto’s silken perfection, stir often enough that the starch releases from the grains, but give your arm a break now and then. For the recipe, click here. B’te-avon (bon appétit)!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Jamie Geller,

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