“I am excited to celebrate my Bat Mitzvah this coming July 5, 2022. I have chosen my Mitzvah project to help children combat food insecurity. I picked this project because I do not want any children to go hungry. If a child is not hungry, they will be able to learn and thrive as well as be happy.”

Thank you for supporting the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia in honor of Miriam Danneman becoming a Bat Mitzvah. These funds will help to combat food insecurity here in the Philadelphia region. Local health and hunger experts say that while exact numbers have yet to be reported, the pandemic has most likely worsened what was already one of the highest child food insecurity rates in the country. According to Feeding America, Philadelphia’s 2018 child food insecurity rate was 24.2% and the projected 2021 rate is 28.6%. We appreciate your help getting food to people in need! 

Click here to learn about the Jewish Federation’s Impact on food insecurity

Providing support for basic needs continues to be a priority for the Jewish Federation, particularly
as issues related to poverty have been exacerbated by the pandemic. The Jewish Federation provides numerous grants to agencies that help ensure the most vulnerable members of our community have access to food and other basic needs.

According the Jewish Federation’s 2019 Population Study and polling conducted by The Pew Charitable Trusts over the summer of 2020, did you know?

  • 15% of Jewish Greater Philadelphia households were living in or near poverty pre-pandemic
  • 40% of Philadelphia county residents lost jobs or had reduced income during the pandemic
  • 24% of residents fell behind in rent or mortgage payments during the pandemic
  • 14% of Jewish Federation’s COVID-19 survey respondents have used or anticipate needing food-related services

Jewish Federation’s Impact by the Numbers

  • 229,000 food packages delivered in Greater Philadelphia over the last year
  • 18,000 clients received food-related services in Greater Philadelphia over the last year
  • $2.8 million granted to the local community through the Jewish Community Fund is focused on vulnerable populations
  • $4.6 million raised and leveraged for emergency relief efforts during the pandemic to address growing health and human services needs