Helen and Roy Finestone were truly an inspiration. From their zest for life, which stretched well into their late 90s, to their 75 year love affair, they were the pinnacle of the kinds of people we all strive to be. Love of community, love of learning, and especially love of family, were all central to their being. Roy was one of five Finestone brothers and Helen one of seven Rosner siblings. Their legacy and impact stretches far and wide throughout the roots of that extensive family tree.

As such, many of us Rosner cousins have felt called to honor them both in name and spirit. For many years, Roy and Helen donated generously to the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. In hopes of emulating their spirit of generosity and tzedakah, as well as with a desire to honor the indelible mark they’ve made on all of our lives, the grandchildren of Mae and Jerome Rosner, Morris and Netty Goodman, and William and Marion Rosner have created this private donation page.

We hope that other Rosner and Finestone relatives will join us in honoring Helen and Roy in this way.

All of our donations will go toward the Mitzvah Food Program, a network of five food pantries run by the Jewish Federation, to extend the generous vision that Helen and Roy had and forever honor the immense impact they had on us all.

May the lives of Helen and Roy Finestone forever be for a blessing.

Please fill out the information below to make your gift.