The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is committed to providing essential resources during the international crisis caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We are coordinating with all Jewish-affiliated organizations, schools, synagogues and agencies in the region to assess and address emerging needs. For resources and to donate to our emergency fund, please click below.

As leaders in the industry, we have the opportunity to immediately respond to the COVID-19 crisis. The JFRE Executive Committee has approved an Emergency Campaign to support programs providing food for those members of our community that are at risk or now find themselves food insecure.


We challenge the JFRE community to stand up for those most vulnerable by helping us grant an additional $100,000 through JFRE’s Emergency Campaign. We intend to support four programs that have a significant impact serving vulnerable populations and individuals of all faiths.


 The total amount raised through the JFRE Emergency Campaign will be equally distributed to the Jewish Federation’s Mitzvah Food Program, KleinLife’s Meals on Wheels, MANNA, and the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association’s Hospitality Workers Relief Program.