The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia strongly condemns hate speech in our community and throughout the world. When anti-Semitic hate speech was expressed by Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill, we immediately took action with national and local partners. We have and will continue to condemn comments that reject the state of Israel and the Jewish connection to our homeland.

Onnie Bargman

Onnie has been gone for 25 years. She had so many friends…she loved life, and it showed. We miss her and think about her often, and wonder about the many things she could have done as a tireless advocate for children, education, Jewish continuity, diversity, decency and the State of Israel. She dreamed of being a teacher, of helping others and repairing our world. But her life was cut short too soon, and so were her dreams.

This year, she would have turned 50. To honor her memory, please contribute to the Onnie Bargman Remembrance Fund. The fund will support organizations that focus on Onnie’s passions – early childhood education, multi-culturalism, and the State of Israel. We hope to raise enough to be able to fund initially one or two students at Hand in Hand – an organization running six K-12 schools in Israel bringing Jewish and Arab students and teachers together in the same learning environment and community.

Thank you for honoring Onnie’s memory. Please also share any photos or stories on the Facebook page, a place to remember vividly and collectively our dear and wonderful friend.

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