At the Mitzvah Food Program’s site at KleinLife in Northeast Philadelphia, manager Sabina Dopiro is taking stock of the pantry shelves. “We have mac and cheese, protein bars, peanut butter,” she says, walking between the metal shelving that is neatly stacked with cans, boxes and bags — all food for community members in need. On this particular morning, however, the shelves are already half-empty. Sabina gestures at the cardboard boxes piled on the ground, filled with food for restocking, and pulls open a box. “The food goes very quickly,” she says.

Providing nourishment for people facing food insecurity is a crucial part of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s mission. This month, you can help fulfill that mission by participating in the High Holiday Food Drive, our largest food drive of the year. The food donations will replenish all five of our food pantry sites across the region. Last year, with your help, we collected over 40,000 pounds of useable food, which supplemented food orders for four months.

Here’s how it works: The food drive is held at your synagogue or community organization. Bring in nutritious canned kosher protein items (like nut butters, canned fish or canned beans). It’s that easy. Once your drive is over, your organization can deliver the bounty to one of our pantry sites, to the SHARE warehouse, or schedule a SHARE truck pickup after the holidays. And the pantry shelves will be full once again.

For more information, visit our High Holiday Food Drive page. Questions? Contact Phil Holtje at or 215.832.0815.