By Naomi Adler, President & CEO

At Passover, we relive our story of oppression and liberation — of a people enslaved, finally set free — and remind ourselves of our unending quest to help all burdened people. This year, I am challenging you to work with us to notice those around you who may be trapped in their own personal Mitzrayim (Egypt).

What do I mean by this? Your neighbor’s burden might be related to health or wealth; it could be social or emotional. It could be poverty, mental illness, addiction, domestic violence; it could be a physical hardship, loneliness, a difficult relationship, a career decision. What is it that holds those around us in bondage? And how might we help them find some freedom this year?

As President & CEO of Jewish Federation — the hub of our Jewish communities — I pray every day that no one feels they must shoulder their burden alone. Thanks to you, in our community we have the tools to help each other to stand safer and healthier. We make sure no one goes without. But we know that not every person who needs help knows how to find it. Which is why I am calling you to act, right now, in a special way:

Jewish Federation and our partner agencies offer so many ways to help people take that first step towards easing hardship. Whether it’s a need for social servicesemergency financial aidaffordable housingnutritious mealssupport for older adults or for people with disabilitiesimmigration helpcareer counseling — and so much more — we are ready to help. I urge you to take time NOW to scroll through this list of the many agencies we fund through grants and this list of our own Jewish Federation-run programs to find the ones that could help loved ones or neighbors move their journey forward.

Not sure where to turn or refer? Contact our resource specialists at and we’ll point you in the right direction.

This Passover, let us pray for freedom for all people, and for each person in our communities. Let this year be the year we all reach out for the help we need so that we may begin moving from Mitzrayim and toward the liberation of healthier, more fulfilling lives.