For more than a century, the Jewish Federation has been proud to Carry the Light for Philadelphia by embracing three key roles: convening the community, encouraging and stewarding the generosity of our donors, and making grants to meet critical needs.

Few giving vehicles serve our mission and vision – and enable our community to meet their philanthropic goals – as perfectly as a Philanthropic Donor Advised Fund. Establishing such a fund with the Jewish Federation is a sound financial decision for you and your family and enables you to provide critical financial support to the charitable organizations most important to you.

By establishing a Jewish Federation Philanthropic Donor Advised Fund, you become a torchbearer, helping to Carry the Light and lead the way for generations to come.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple.

To begin, choose a name for the fund. You may choose to name the fund for yourself, loved ones, or something else that is meaningful to you.

Next, make a gift of cash or securities to the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. You can establish a DAF with a minimum gift of $5,000, and you can make additions to your fund at any time.

Finally, notify the Jewish Federation of your recommendations for charitable distributions to qualified public charities. Our staff verifies the tax status, mission, and viability of all charitable organizations that receive grants from the Jewish Federation, and the Jewish Federation has significant resources to help you choose charities that match your philanthropic interests.

The Jewish Federation will invest and administer the fund’s assets, process recommendations, mail checks to recipient organizations and send you regular reports. You can check the fund balance and contribution history and recommend grants through your own secure online portfolio at your convenience.

You and any current and/or successor advisors you designate can make recommendations from both income and principal. Any assets remaining in the fund upon your or your successor advisors’ deaths are either added to the Jewish Federation’s endowment fund to help meet future needs, or distributed elsewhere as you recommend.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many!

A DAF enables you to support the causes you care about most, without having to track receipts from multiple charities. The experts at the Jewish Federation can help you choose qualified charities that best align with your personal interests and philanthropic goals.

DAFs are simple to establish, and can be built using a wide variety of assets. The assets in your fund grow tax-free, generating greater resources to support the causes you care about. You do not pay tax on the income generated by your fund. But because your DAF contributions are charitable donations to a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, you are entitled to receive the maximum tax deduction allowed by law for your contribution(s). If you use appreciated securities or property to establish or augment the fund, you can realize additional tax savings.

You can involve other family members as advisors, showing them the value of philanthropy and demonstrating to them the importance of providing for the future of our community. And you can preserve your privacy: a donor advised fund is not required to publicly disclose the grant making activities of individual donors, and grants may be made anonymously.

The most gratifying of benefits: your investment in the future of our Jewish communities ensures that they remain vibrant for generations to come.

How Can I Get Started?

Naming a Philanthropic Donor Advised Fund with the Jewish Federation is a smart investment—for you, your loved ones, and your local and global community.

To get started, simply choose the name you would like to use for the fund, and securely open the fund with a beginning balance of $5,000 or more online at

Contact the Jewish Federation to discuss how best to use Philanthropic Donor Advised Funds and other charitable giving tools to meet your personal philanthropic goals. Our knowledgeable staff can provide current, expert information on a broad range of topics including strategic grant making, Jewish community needs, and multi-generational family philanthropy.

However you choose to get started, we thank you for your support.