Mindy Drossner, LSCW Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Certified End-of-Life Doula

Mindy provides compassionate psychotherapeutic counseling to aging adults to help process and reduce feelings of grief, loss, depression and anxiety. Additionally, she supports individuals and families in navigating specific challenges related to caregiving stress and illness.Certified as an end-of-life doula, she stands ready to assist clients with the emotional, relational, spiritual, cognitive and practical aspects of a meaningful aging experience and an eventual final chapter. Her non-judgmental and mindful approach allows for continued growth through inevitable changes, empowerment of choice, increased comfort and quality-of-life.

Lorri Bernstein MSW

With an MSW from UC Berkeley, Lorri’s personal experience providing guidance and placement for family and friends as they aged inspired her to open a Senior Living Specialists branch in Philadelphia. SLS helps families who are overwhelmed with the maze of senior care options and in need of guidance, in placing a loved one into the appropriate senior residence community.