October 7 was the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust. And now, antisemitism is on the rise while hostages remain in Hamas’ captivity.

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It’s time to fight back and advocate for the people of Israel and the Jewish people at home and worldwide.

Discover how you can stand up for the Jewish people.

Sign Hillel International’s petition to Stand Up For Our Students and tell college and university presidents and administrators to enforce their campus conduct rules, end harassment of Jewish students, hold classes as scheduled, ensure graduation ceremonies take place and invest in a safe campus environment for all students. Sign here.

On Tuesday, March 5, the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act (H.R. 7521) was introduced with broad bipartisan support. The Jewish Federations of North America are supporting this bill to help address the proliferation of blatantly antisemitic content on social media, specifically on TikTok.

The historic rise in antisemitism has been documented both by the federal government, which showed FBI Hate Crime data reaching “historic levels” last year, and the ADL, which tracks a 336% rise since the Hamas terror attacks on Israel of October 7.  

We are particularly sickened and outraged by the impact that antisemitism is having on our children on college campuses and increasingly in primary and secondary education as well.  Each of you, together with many members of Congress, have spoken out against this development. 

We also know that social media is a major driver of the rise in antisemitism and that TikTok is the worst offender by far.  Recently, TikTok’s governmental affairs advisor in Israel resigned from the company in protest of the app’s overt bias and sympathy to terror with regard to the events of October 7. 

In just one year, antisemitic comments on TikTok rose 912%. This rhetoric, flooding onto the phones of Americans, is a major driver of the rise in antisemitism. Now is the time for action. Now is the time for leadership.

Urge Representatives to Support the Bill

It is vital to contact your elected officials in the House of Representatives and urge them to support this bill. Express how important this issue is for the Jewish community, and to highlight the urgency behind addressing this issue.

There is no one answer to the rise in antisemitism, but Congress must act when it can – and H.R. 7521 is a very important step that Congress can take today. A vote for H.R. 7521 is a vote against antisemitism. 

You can find your elected official by clicking here.


Hadassah has been a voice for action for months, and now they’re asking their supporters to be part of End The Silence, Hadassah’s global campaign to speak out, raise awareness and demand justice. The Jewish Federation is proud to partner on this campaign.

As part of the campaign, Hadassah will send petitions to UN Secretary-General António Guterres from grassroots activists around the world, amplifying our calls for the UN to speak out about these war crimes, pursue an independent, trauma-informed, unbiased investigation and seek justice for the victims.

Hadassah has launched #EndTheSilence on social media. Please share Hadassah posts and stay tuned for more details on how to be involved in this critical effort to end the silence, hold Hamas accountable and show the world that rape and sexual violence must never be used as a weapon of war. Not in Israel. Not in Gaza. Not in Ukraine, Ethiopia, Rwanda or Bosnia. Not anywhere.

In the meantime, visit the End The Silence website, sign the petition, share the link with family and friends, and keep checking back for updates on the campaign, videos, resources, and more.

Urge Representatives to Believe Women

We must continue to reaffirm our belief in women — as highlighted in the Jewish Federation’s official statement . And we must also be their voice — for the many victims who were murdered, some mid-rape, and for the remaining 19 female hostages silenced under tunnels who we fear continue to be violated and may be pregnant.

Contact your representative to call for the immediate release of all 19 Israeli women that are still being held hostage in Gaza. And all hostages for that matter. 

You can find your elected official by clicking here.

This week, the Senate will vote on the final passage of a supplemental aid package that includes President Biden’s emergency funding request for Israel.

This bipartisan package includes $14.1 billion in emergency aid to Israel, including vital funding for defensive systems like the Iron Dome and Arrow missile defense systems.

This package provides $400 million in supplemental funding for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP). This funding is desperately needed to keep our houses of worship safe and secure during this time of heightened threats to our community.

In addition to providing Israel with this urgently needed assistance, this package also includes funding for our allies around the world, including desperately needed aid to Ukraine. This package sends strong message to America’s adversaries that we stand with our allies.

Fill Out this Form:

Passage of this bill will not be easy, and that’s why it is vital that you reach out to your elected officials and urge them to support this bill. We need you to reach out and express how important this bill is for the Jewish community. Please take a minute to contact your Senator and let them know that a yes vote is a vote for the Jewish community, a vote for our allies Israel and Ukraine, and a vote for the safety and security of our community. Fill out this Jewish Federations of North America form.

Fill Out this Form:

Please urge your elected officials at the federal, state, and local level to speak out and make a clear and unequivocal statement in support for our ally Israel and its right to defend itself. Fill out this Jewish Federations of North America form to get connected with your representative or go to this page in partnership with AIPAC to find your representative.

Call Your Senator/Representative:

Anti-Israel activists are calling members of Congress to no longer provide aid to Israel and to condemn Israel in the wake of the war against Hamas. Make your voice heard by calling your elected officials today to make it clear that they stand with our ally Israel against Hamas terrorism.

The message:
I am one of many pro-Israel Americans in Pennsylvania. I urge the Senator/Representative to stand with Israel and oppose a ceasefire with Hamas.

Phone Numbers:
Senator Robert Casey | 202.224.6324
Senator John Fetterman | 202.224.4254
Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick – 1st District | 202.225.4276
Rep. Brendan Boyle – 2nd District | 202.225.6111
Rep. Dwight Evans – 3rd District | 202.225.4001
Rep. Madeleine Dean – 4th District | 202.225.4731
Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon – 5th District | 202.225.2011
Rep. Chrissy Houlahan – 6th District | 202.225.4315

We strongly advocate rescheduling the 2024 Primary Election date in Pennsylvania. The current date coincides with the first day of Passover, a significant holiday for the Jewish community.

On September 12, over 65 leaders from the Jewish community traveled with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia to the State Capitol in Harrisburg to advocate on several issues, including rescheduling the 2024 primary date. On September 21, the PA Senate expressed they wanted an earlier 2024 presidential primary, but this has fallen through.

Why This Matters :

On the first two days of Passover, Jews participate in synagogue services and some adhere to traditional restrictions, such as refraining from travel, writing and using electronic devices. By scheduling the Primary Election on a holy day like this, the inherent challenges posed to Jewish voters are evident. While voting by mail is an alternative, many community members prefer the meaningful experience of in-person voting.

Holding the Primary on the first day of Passover not only presents practical difficulties but it also sends a message of disregard for the rights and participation of Jewish voters. Rescheduling the Primary Election date would demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and ensure all citizens have equal access to exercise their democratic right to vote.

The Ask:

Move the primary date to March or the beginning of April so as not to conflict with Passover.

What Community Members Can Do:

The Greater Philadelphia community can call their state senators/representatives to urge them to move the 2024 primary date. You can find your elected official by clicking here.

CALL-the Campus Antisemitism Legal Line, a FREE legal protection helpline for students who have experienced antisemitism. This helpline has been launched by Hillel International, ADL, the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, and Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher LLP.

Since October 7, Jewish students on college campuses have been the target of a shocking and unprecedented number of antisemitic incidents.

This helpline comes at a critical moment for the Jewish community. If you need pro bono legal support regarding an antisemitic incident, click here.

Congress is advancing $14.3 billion in vital security aid for Israel, in the wake of Hamas’ barbaric and unprovoked assault on the Jewish state.

We have an essential role to play to ensure Israel has the resources it needs to win this war.

TAKE 45 SECONDS and fill out this brief form with our partners at AIPAC to urge your senators to support full funding for Israel’s security.

Join AJC and The U.S. Conference of Mayors in urging mayors to speak out against the growing threat of antisemitism and thanking those who have.

We encourage all people of good faith to join us in declaring unequivocally that antisemitism is incompatible with democratic values that are at the very bedrock of our society.

It is vital that leaders across America speak out and take action to counter rising Jew-hatred.

Add your name to join AJC and The U.S. Conference of Mayors in urging mayors across the country to support the Mayors United Against Antisemitism initiative and thank those who have. Click here to add your name.

Find the university with which you are affiliated and email the administration to urge them to take action to protect the safety and wellbeing of Jewish students on campus. Learn more with our partners at ADL here.

People in large numbers are going on social media to help make sense of Hamas’ war on Israel. Since the October 7 Hamas’ massacre of innocent civilians, ADL is monitoring a surge of antisemitism, anti-Muslim hate, fake news and propaganda being spread on social media. We know there are risks in both over-moderation and under-moderation, but there are steps all social media companies can take right now to, at least, help ensure they are not fanning the flames. To learn more, click here.

Report antisemitic threats, incidents, or suspicious activity related to Jewish organizations, facilities, or community members  in your area through the Secure Community Network Incident Reporting Form

You can also report antisemitic incidents with out partners at the Anti-Defamation League by clicking here. In cases of hate, more data is vital.

The amount of information against Israel can feel overwhelming. However, it has been proven that much of the most inflammatory content on the Internet is not human-generated and does not necessarily represent public opinion. Right now, disinformation about Israel and Hamas is spreading on social media. These are tactics of the war against Israel’s legitimacy, are methods of dehumanizing the Jewish people, and are part of broader efforts to sow divisions in our society.

As the situation progresses and our emotions run high, it can be tempting to immediately comment on and/or share what we see online. But now, more than ever, it’s important for us to take the time to carefully assess what we’re reading and respond thoughtfully.

Click here to see guidelines and talking points.

You call learn more about combating disinformation from our partner StandWithUs.

Post and share the #bluesquare across social media alongside a message of support for the Jewish community and commitment to stand up to Jewish hate.

The Jewish Federation is a partner of the national Stand up to Jewish Hate campaign to raise awareness about the rise in antisemitism and to bring community members together in voicing solidarity with the Jewish people. Learn more here.

American Jewish Committee (AJC) Philadelphia/Southern NJ region is partnering with H&G Signs to create double-sided coroplast lawn signs to raise awareness about the hostages being held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. The signs are 24″W x 18″H and come with a lawn stake for easy installation in your yard (or can be used in a window, etc. without the stand).  If you wish to order signs, you can do so by filling out this link. Thank you for being a part of this important advocacy effort to bring all the hostages home. To learn more or purchase a sign, click here.

Only by making thousands of direct, urgent and repeated appeals to your elected representatives can actionable pressure be placed on the U.S. government to prioritize the return all 240 hostages to their loved ones.

If we all reach out to our elected officials—now and constantly—we stand a much better, realistic chance of ensuring that the return all 240 hostages continues to remain a top U.S. and global priority. To learn more, click here.

Signs & Social media Assets

Antisemitism is on the rise. You can help stop it.

Combat this hate and secure our communities by making a donation below to the LiveSecure Campaign that will be matched 2:1 by The Jewish Federations of North America. Make a gift by clicking here.

Tuesday, May 7 CeaseFirePA and other interfaith partners across the state are going to Harrisburg to insist that our legislators pass more life-saving bills. Registration for the May 7 advocacy day will be live by early March.

There are two opportunities for you to get involved with the campaign leading up to the End Gun Violence Advocacy Day in Harrisburg on Tuesday, May 7.

  • In February, we are focusing on writing letters to State Senators Baker, Pittman and Ward- the Senate leaders who decide whether or not to move forward HB 714 & HB 1018- two gun violence prevention bills passed by the PA House in May 2023. If you have not had a chance to write letters in person at your synagogue yet, you can follow the letter writing instructions to send them from home.
  • In March, we are making hundreds of phone calls on Tuesday, March 19 to State Senators Baker, Pittman and Ward with the same ask, to move forward HB 714 & HB 1018.