Thank you for joining our first Board of Trustees meeting of FY24. Please fill out the brief questionnaire below to share how you would like to be involved in leadership opportunities moving forward.

Leadership opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Presenting at congregations
    • This could include:
      • Present as part of a Speaker Series
      • Offer a d’var Torah on the bimah
      • Sharing updates at a board meeting or sisterhood/brotherhood meeting
  • Mentoring a rising leader
    • This would be done through a structured year-long Mentorship Program that may be affiliated with one of the affinity groups or Kehillot.
  • Becoming a Community Ambassador
    • Welcoming new members of the community.
    • Representing Jewish Federation and providing information to the community about the organization at agency, external and grantee events.
    • Representing the organization at one of the Jewish Federation’s Kehillah programs and/or affinity programs.
  • Amplifying internal programs and beneficiary agency successes
    • Share marketing efforts and communicate your involvement with the Jewish Federation via social media and other channels.
    • Share internal programs, beneficiary successes, and impact facts via 1 on 1 conversations.