Thank you for your interest in supporting the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s Philly Stands with Israel Fund, an emergency response campaign to provide immediate relief to the people and State of Israel during the current attacksPayment is requested immediately so that we can distribute the funds as quickly as possible.

Teams of Hamas terrorists have infiltrated, and thousands of missiles have been fired. In no uncertain terms, Israel is under vicious attack from a heavily armed terrorist army, bent on its destruction.

Our gratitude to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for their efforts to protect Israeli citizens and restore security to the region. We pray for a swift resolution to this crisis and a full restoration of security in the State of Israel. We stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and express our unwavering support for their right to defend themselves against these heinous attacks.

Hamas is not a government defending its citizens; it is a terrorist organization whose only goal is to murder Israeli civilians and see the destruction of Israel, while remaining completely indifferent to the lives of its own citizens who it uses as human shields.

Terrorism against our brothers and sisters in Israel reminds us of our unshakable bond, our unbreakable commitment to the basic right of the Israeli people to live in safety and freedom from fear.

May the people of Israel find strength and comfort during this difficult time. 

100% of donations are going to emergency humanitarian aid. The urgent needs that your generosity will support right now, include:

  • Basic needs, like hot meals, medicine, diapers and baby formula, and clothes.
  • Psychological and material support for the 15,000 evacuees who have been relocated.
  • Trauma counseling and support.
  • Training emergency personnel and providing first responder equipment.

Learn more about what the Jewish Federation is doing to support Israel.