JFRE members make a difference in millions of lives. Each year, JFRE invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in critical projects to support Jewish communities in Greater Philadelphia and in Israel through the JFRE Fund. In 2020-2021, JFRE provided $195,788 in funding to the FOLLOWING critical projects.


ELI: Israel Association for Child Protection | Equipment Upgrade

The Israel Association for Child Protection (ELI) is recognized by the Government of Israel and other human service agencies as the only organization in Israel that deals specifically and exclusively with all of the various aspects of child abuse. Their school-based child abuse prevention and awareness program educates and screens approximately 60,000 children annually for child abuse, which reveals nearly 1,000 disclosures of abuse not previously reported. The JFRE grant will help replace and upgrade ELI’s scenery and equipment for the program that will be used by therapists and other trained professionals at schools around the country for many years to come.

Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia | Israel Emergency Campaign

In response to the rocket fire and unrest in the streets of Israel, the Jewish Federation launched an Emergency Campaign to address needs in Israel with a special emphasis on our partnership region of Netivot and Sdot Negev. The JFRE grant will support a number of capital and infrastructure-related work: updates, upgrades and relief supplies for bomb shelters, including air conditioning units, emergency lighting, mattresses, fire-fighting kits, as well as furniture and blankets for soldiers in Iron Dome posts.


Abrams Hebrew Academy | Security Upgrade and Enhancements

Abrams Hebrew Academy is an independent, co-educational Community Hebrew Day School that embraces Jewish families from all backgrounds. The school is the only Hebrew Day School in Bucks County, and is a center for Jewish life and learning in the immediate and surrounding communities. The JFRE grant will be used to replace a 15-year-old security system with a new Honeywell Vista 250 FBT addressable security system that can integrate with the CCTV and Access control system. Additional enhancements include active shooter pull boxes, technology to identify the alarm origination, and full integration with the Honeywell security equipment.

Center City Eruv | Capital Improvements

The Center City Eruv serves about 400 – 500 residents, including about 100 families, and covers the city’s major hospitals for visitors and tourists. Maintained by a non-profit created by volunteers, the Eruv requires regular repairs and maintenance, and occasional expansion projects as the Jewish community in Center City grows. Constructed 13 years ago, the current structures are extremely vulnerable to damage resulting from poor weather conditions, nearby construction and increased traffic. The JFRE grant will fund work to replace and reconfigure the existing Eruv wires and poles on Poplar Street, from Broad Street to I95.

Gan Israel Day Camp | Creative Arts Center

The Gan Israel Youth Services programming provides support and inspiration through their flagship Summer Day and Overnight Camps, plus year round activities to keep the children connected, such as Winter Day Camp, and weekly Sports Leagues and Clubs. The Creative Arts Center is intended as a space for kids to reconnect with the free spirit of their childhood and reinforce the value of their imagination and creativity, however the structure has fallen into disrepair. The JFRE grant will supplement additional dollars raised to build a refreshed, inviting Creative Arts Center to replace and upgrade the current 30-year-old stage.

JEVS Human Services | Capital Improvements

The Tikvah Residence is a supportive home in Delaware County that strives to improve the quality of Jewish community life for vulnerable adults with serious and persistent mental illness. The residence was built in 1966 and the building has experienced repeated plumbing emergencies during the past year. The JFRE grant will address structural issues, including the replacement of failing pipes that have caused flooding and apartment damage, as well as installing new fire-rated steel entrance doors, frames, and hardware.

The Mesivta High School of Greater Philadelphia | Capital Improvements

The Mesivta High School of Greater Philadelphia is an Orthodox Jewish boys’ high school, educating students in grades 9-12 in Torah, Jewish Law, Ethics and secular disciplines. The Mesivta has two sets of boilers, gas and oil, both of which are 30 years old and in need of replacement. The JFRE grant will replace the oil boiler that handles the heat on the educational side of the school building.


In addition to seven above capital projects, JFRE launched an emergency campaign to provide immediate resources and relief for our community during the COVID-19 pandemic with a focus on food insecurity, totaling $157,016 in pledged and matched contributions to the following initiatives: 

  • Mitzvah Food Program, for those who have recently become food insecure, to offset the cost of food and supplies for an increasing client base 
  • KleinLife’s Meal Delivery Program, home delivery program for older adults 
  • MANNA, to provide medically-tailored meals and nutrition education for people with serious illnesses 
  • Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association’s Hospitality Workers Relief Program, to provide gift cards for local grocery stores and pharmacies to be distributed to hotel employees who have been furloughed, laid off, or lost their jobs 

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