Through The Jewish Federation Real Estate Fund, JFRE members make an impact on the lives of millions. In 2021-2022, JFRE allocated $444,936.42 to 18 projects locally, in Israel and globally.

Each year, the fund invests hundreds of thousands of dollars to support critical projects in Greater Philadelphia and Israel. This year, capital projects remained a funding focus. However, with the on-going rise of antisemitism, ensuring the safety, security and resiliency of our agencies became a priority as well. Thanks to the JFRE Fund grants, training, tools, and resources will be made available to protect those inside our synagogues, schools, summer camps, and other centers of Jewish life.


Beth Sholom Congregation: Security Door 

To prevent breach of security into the synagogue, this grant will enable: 

  • Replacement of a basement level security door in the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed synagogue.
  • Repair of the alarm system magnet and reintroduce it to the alarm system circuit.

Beth Tikvah B’nai Jeshurun: Security Upgrades and Building Repair

Beth Tikvah B’nai Jeshurun is dedicated to Conservative Judaism as a means of preserving the best of Jewish tradition and developing Judaism, as an evolving religious civilization. They provide programs, services and activities to engage preschoolers, religious school and teen children, adults and the community at large in a  meaningful, educational and inspirational way to promote Jewish values and cultures. 

This grant will enable Beth Tikvah B’nai Jeshurun to: 

  • Install a vehicle barrier between the paved area and the playground enclosures.
  • Panic button system.
  • Security window film on the exterior-facing windows of the lower level classrooms.
  • Additional cameras inside and outside, estimate 10 cameras and installation.
  • Fence improvements.
  • Address security issues with the various doors: add deadbolts and latch covers; remove mechanical latches and add others; repair doors that function inconsistently.

Camp Harlam: Security Gate 

Camp Harlam makes a commitment to its camp community every year, ensuring the safety and security of its campers and staff while they are at camp. Having a secured entry will improve the security of the property and help reduce the risk of threat.

This grant will enable Camp Harlam to:

  • Replace its main front security gate offering an extra layer of security in addition to the security guard stationed there. 

Camp Ramah in the Poconos: Security Upgrades 

Camp Ramah sits in a rural area in the Poconos, therefore it is critical that staff is extremely vigilant regarding the level of safety precautions in place. Enhancing safety protocols will enable Camp to be more proactive against emergency situations and reactive in a more speedy manner should they occur. 

This grant will enable Camp Ramah to: 

  • Install new fencing along the northwestern border of the campus.
  • Add lighting along the road and other vulnerable spots
  • Purchase additional two-way radios for expanded communication.
  • Expand the reach of the new PA system used to announce emergency situations.
  • Expand surveillance cameras.
  • Acquire security all-terrain utility vehicle.
  • Acquire multiple concrete barriers to protect propane tanks and vulnerable access areas.
  • Replace electronic gate at kitchen entrance. provide the much needed tools to be both proactive against emergency situations and reactive in a speedily manner should they occur.

Congregation Beth Israel of Media: Security Upgrades

Funding for the proposed projects will protect the synagogue, its congregants, staff, and visitors from threats posed by individuals and groups espousing hatred for people based on their religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identify, and other categories targeted by these persons. 

This grant will enable Congregation Beth Israel to:

  • Installation of a permanent security barrier to reduce the likelihood of a deliberate or accidental vehicular impact to the building. 
  • Repairs to a deteriorated portico will reinforce the existing structure and minimize the possibility of a catastrophic failure due to deliberate or accidental vehicular impact. 
  • Add LTS cameras that will provide greater surveillance capability of the environs of the building and serve as a visible deterrent. 
  • Install motion-activated perimeter lighting will provide enhanced security during hours of darkness and serve as a deterrent to criminal activity.

Federation Day Care Services (FELS): Security Camera Upgrades 

FELS must provide safe and stimulating environments that teach children and their families to respect diversity and honor differences. Video surveillance is a necessity for childcare centers. FELS children are fully exposed on the property during recess hours, even with proper supervision. 

This grant will enable FELS to:

  • Replace outdated systems and install 20 new HD security camera.

Federation Housing Inc: Security for the new Annabel Gardens 

Federation’s Housing’s newest building, Annabel Garden will be 54 one bedroom homes providing affordable housing to 60-75 low to moderate income seniors. The building is expected to open Fall 2022. 

This grant will enable Federation Housing to:

  • Incorporate sophisticated security technologies to ensure it protects residents, employees and visitors throughout the building. 
  • Installation of multiple cameras on every hallway of every residential floor, the exterior of each building and in elevators, trash rooms and other ancillary spaces.
  • Use of new servers with space to store 180 days of continuous film, enabling the team to review film footage and be able to further assist law enforcement in the event of any threats or crimes committed on or adjacent to the properties. 

Jewish Family and Children’s Service (JFCS): Home Repairs 

JFCS’s NORC team identifies clients with home repair needs, assesses home safety needs, makes a home repair plan and then makes arrangements for work to be completed. Activities include yard clean-up, replacing smoke detectors and batteries, cleaning gutters, changing light bulbs, fixing toilet flappers and much more.

This grant will enable JFCS’s NORC team to:

  • Provide two home repair services to each client.
  • Provide grant funds to go towards overall project expenses, including home repair materials and staff time of our Home Repair Coordinator.

JEVS Tikvah Residence: Safety Upgrades 

Tikvah Residence offers comfortable and affordable housing for adults with mental health needs. As residents age, their needs are evolving, and they have begun to face additional challenges related to mobility and other physical disabilities. An upgrade and modification of individual and communal spaces, as well as repair to aging structural issues is necessary for residents’ safety and comfort. 

This grant will enable Tikvah Residence to: 

  • Install a new external door with an electric strike prior to the installation of the security system. 
  • Removal of 130 yards of old carpeting and padding and installation of new carpeting to improve the overall living environment and residents’ well being. 

Makom Community 

Makom Community is a welcoming Jewish enrichment center open to anyone who wants to engage with Jewish traditions alongside their family, cultivating fluency and comfort in Jewish tradition through joyful youth and family experiences.

This grant will enable Makom Community to install: 

  • A security monitoring system to enhance video surveillance at entry doors.
  • Shatter-resistant film to keep large storefront windows intact in case something is thrown
    at them.
    Video cameras on front and back entrances.

Perelman Jewish Day School: Space Renovation 

A local Jewish day school that provides a rigorous dual curriculum for grades Pre-K-5 on two campuses in suburban Philadelphia. 

This grant will enable Perelman Jewish Day School to: 

  • Hire Education Design International to perform a detailed analysis of the schools current practices, i.e., how we use and structure classrooms, common areas, labs and libraries, how we provide instruction and evaluate learning, and how and where we collaborate as classmates and colleagues – as students, teachers and staff. The master plan will form the basis of a school redesign, supporting a student-centric, inquiry-based, collaborative, interdisciplinary and hands-on learning environment. 

Temple Hillel: Security Upgrades 

This grant will enable Temple Hillel to:

  • Install a new camera system to replace a current system that has been broken for some time enabling staff to see all of the entrances and what is happening in the building. This security enhancement will increase the ability for all staff and visitors to feel safe and secure in the building.


Eden Association Shelters for At-Risk Teen Girls 

Eden’s residential care expansion project addresses a national need for hospitalization alternatives for traumatized girls aged 12-18. This project will enable the organization to address the Ministry of Welfare’s increased requests by 36%.

This grant will enable Eden Association Shelters to: 

  • Add two prefab transportable houses that can populate up to 20 more girls in the facility, covering expenses for: services and fees for the Project Manager, measurements and architect; construction expenses: transportation of the houses; foundations laid; utilities set-up; refurbishment expenses; four toilets, four bathrooms, and two kitchen renovations; equipment purchase; and addition of two 15 sqm shelters.

ELI: Israel Association for Child Protection: New Offices

For more than 40 years, ELI has worked with abused children and addressed violence in families. They have been asked to open five new offices in Tiberias, Hadera, Jerusalem, Beersheva and Haifa to provide help to educators and school staff attending to the increase in cases of abuse. 

This grant will enable ELI to:

  • Provide cosmetic renovations to the new offices so that they can provide abused children a strong sense of safety and security which ELI traditionally imparts, and to serve the needs of the school staff. 

Nirim Farm 

Nirim is a therapeutic farm for teenage boys and girls who reach a state of dysfunctional behavior and are in deep crisis. These teenagers, when in most extreme situations, were bound to be sent to institutions or returned to their destructive environments. 

This grant will enable Nirim Farm to: 

  • Address the demands of the regional municipality to build a shelter, large enough to accommodate 20-30 people. This build will include a security house  and will include infrastructures, electricity, air-conditioning, relevant security kits and more. This will ensure the safety and security of both the youth, staff and volunteers in times of need.

Orr Shalom: Expansion 

Orr Shalom is a non-profit organization that cares for children and youth at-risk that have been removed from their parents’ custody by welfare authorities due to an extreme lack of protection and parental dysfunction. This expansion will enable 12 children to receive the love and treatment offered in Orr Shalom’s Family Group Homes, in a healthy and comfortable environment.

This grant will enable Orr Shalom to:

  • Renovate one of their therapeutic Family Group Homes located in Beersheba which will include: preparation of a professional building plan; registration and filing of the building plans; addition of an additional bedroom; reorganization of the existing bedroom areas including moving walls and electrical changes; and additional essential repairs to repair the roof, replace windows and improve insulation. 

Jewish Agency for Israel 

JAFI’s Security Fund provides infrastructure/training investments to at-risk Jewish institutions and communities around the world (excluding the US and Canada) in order to improve long- term physical security.

 This grant will enable JAFI’s Security Fund to:

  • Provide grants to congregations and other Jewish organizations around the world for increased physical security infrastructure items such as: controlled entry systems; video surveillance equipment; intruder alert alarm and communications systems; exterior and emergency lighting; x-ray equipment; protective windows and doors; and bollards.

Struggle to Save Ethiopian Jewry

SSEJ is a U.S. based 501(c)(3), the main source of humanitarian assistance for the Jewish community in Ethiopia. Its programs include: feeding centers, medical care, Jewish and secular education, as well as religious and other communal activities. 

This grant will enable SSEJ to:

  • Build a medical clinic in Ethiopia that will provide those Ethiopian Jews living in Gondar awaiting aliyah to Israel with medical aid and assistance.

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