The Jewish Federations of North America’s (JFNA) National Young Leadership Cabinet (“Cabinet”) cultivates, trains and inspires the most promising young volunteers for positions of leadership in the Jewish community. Since its founding in 1963, NYL Cabinet has successfully attracted individuals who lead at the highest levels of Jewish communal life.

A Jewish values-based leadership and philanthropic development initiative, Cabinet engages highly dedicated individuals who embody the values of humility, authenticity, and integrity. Members have the opportunity to establish a peer group, network to share best practices, brainstorm, and troubleshoot community challenges, bringing their ideas and strategies home for growing NextGen engagement and deepening millennial commitment to Jewish Life and Federation.

Cabinet’s focus is to provide tools for participants to better themselves and their capacity as leaders through continued learning, reflection, and action – making the world a better place.

“Cabinet has exposed me to so many different possibilities for leadership. It has expanded my knowledge of global Jewry and the vast needs of the Jewish community. It made me realize the power of the collective, our ability to affect change and to have a positive impact for future generations.”


Cabinet members are passionate about leading change in the world. To do so, they must realize and exercise their abilities to lead as individuals, within the context of working with others, within communities, and eventually the movement.

A dynamic faculty leads every aspect of the experience, designed through the prism of ‘applied learning,’ with emphasis on the practical application of theory, concepts, and knowledge to prepare those aspiring to top positions of lay leadership in the Jewish community.

Upon completion, participants will have the skills necessary to delve into the most significant challenges and opportunities in North American and global Jewish life today. This highly selective program relies on a strong partnership among Cabinet members and their local Federation communities – from intake through completion of the program and beyond.


Cabinet members immerse themselves by showing up with presence, a strong desire for personal growth, concern for others, and the willingness to take risks in order to develop as innovative leaders.

Cabinet is an intensive program and a community designed for individuals who are at a point where they can dedicate a few hours each month (beyond in-person retreats and experiences) toward their own learning and development, as well as their role within the movement.

Retreat: A 5-6 day learning and development experience where the Federation movement is showcased and
members pledge to their local Federation’s annual campaign through a powerful Caucus experience.

Mentorship and the Alumni Network: All Cabinet members have the opportunity to engage with Cabinet Alumni during and after the program when they join a distinct group of 4000+ former members representing 195 communities across North America. More than 60% of the JFNA board of Trustees are Cabinet Alumni.

Applied Local Leadership: For the first three years, Cabinet members will use the knowledge and skills they gain in an applied setting on the local level. During years four and five, having gained the knowledge and skills to directly apply what they have learned, Cabinet members, in deep partnership with their local community, will engage in the ultimate “stretch” project, making a positive impact on their Federation.

International Mission: Cabinet Members travel abroad each year to deepen their knowledge of JFNA’s work on the ground in Israel and overseas allowing them to act as effective leaders, advocates and storytellers within the Jewish Federation movement.

Domestic Missions and Experiences: From a mission focused on JFNA’s work in DC to a National Young Leadership Shabbaton, our leadership development approach is layered and meaningfully connects members to communities across the national movement, as Jewish leaders to the work of JFNA.

Distance Learning: Members will have 6-10 opportunities to participate in distance-based learning throughout the year that builds off of the curriculum delivered through our in person experiences and missions.

Technology: Cabinet members receive access to a Cabinet only app that facilitates networking, learning, and communication.

“[Cabinet] has been the most impactful [experience] in my adult life. I have become a better leader, a better spokesperson for Israel and the Jewish people, and made lifelong friends.”


NYL Cabinet is designed for passionate, committed, and driven individuals – ranging 30-40 years old. In addition to being nominated by a professional in their local Federation, applicants must fill out an application stating why they want to participate in this program. All potential applicants should:

  • Demonstrate leadership or potential for leadership in their local community and be eager for future growth
  • Commit to making a difference through active leadership roles in their local community
  • Embody the Jewish values of tzedakahtikkun olam, and klal yisrael
  • Make a minimum gift of $5,000 to the Annual Campaign in their first year, with meaningful increases each year thereafter
  • Commit to the time necessary to energetically participate the experiences and opportunities offered by Cabinet

For More Information

For more information about how to join or nominate someone for Cabinet, please email the National Young Leadership Team at NYL@JewishFederations.org.


Susan Becker
NextGen Director

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