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We are visionary women who support justice and social change through hands-on philanthropy and grantmaking.

Women of Vision, Philadelphia’s Jewish Women’s Foundation, transforms the lives of Jewish women and girls in Greater Philadelphia and in Israel. We choose innovative programs that create long-term change, addressing the underlying problems girls and women face.

What We Do

Through our advocacy efforts, we educate over 500 members and the general public about issues like equal pay for equal work and sex trafficking. At our events, we grapple with challenges faced by girls and women, such as gun violence and college campus issues. We not only raise awareness, we find hands-on opportunities to take action.

Join in our vision and become a member of our foundation to find out how rewarding strategic grant making can be.


Throughout the year Women of Vision provides members with educational programs and materials about pressing issues facing Jewish women and girls, as well as opportunities to advocate on their behalf, such as meetings with elected officials in Washington, D.C., and Harrisburg.


Your contribution supports programs that enhance the lives of women and girls regionally and in Israel. Each woman has a vote in choosing how the funding is allocated each year.


Our work together not only strengthens our community at home; through our grant making we also build connections with women and girls in Israel.

Carry Traditions Forward

Jewish women are the carriers of many Jewish traditions. By empowering Jewish women, we ensure the continuity of Jewish values and the strength of the Jewish community.

2018-2019 Grantees


Granted $40,000 over two years for the Community Allied Training Program to train educate and empower the community on domestic violence and train attorneys to provide culturally sensitive pro-bono legal services to Jewish women experiencing domestic violence.

Jewish Family & Children's Service

Granted $44,000 over two years to Ma’Oz Bloom Expansion to expand its maternal mental health program for Jewish families educate the Jewish religious community to de-stigmatize postpartum and motherhood issues.

Moving Traditions

Grated $70,000 over two years to Rosh Hodesh Renewed to implement its revised Rosh Hodesh empowerment curriculum for teen girls, which has been updated for today’s social media and technological environment.

ATZUM – Justice Works

Granted $18,000 for one year for the Task Force on Human Trafficking and Prostitution to help sustain the legislative, advocacy, and educational efforts leading to legal reforms to criminalize the buying and selling of people and sex in Israel.

Giving Opportunities

Your gift at any level provides lifetime membership to Women of Vision.

LiberatHer (under age 45): $1,800 payable over two years

SupportHer (age 45 and over): $3,600 payable over two years

EntrustHer: $5,000 payable over two years

SustainHer: $10,000 payable over three years

MentHer: $18,000 payable over four years

LeadHer: $25,000 payable over five years

AmbassadHer: $36,000 payable over five years

BenefactHer: $50,000 payable over five years

EmpowerHer: Minimum of $100,000, half of which can be made as a planned gift. Includes membership for female relatives.