The JCRC engages the Jewish community’s national and local agenda.

This focuses on issues such as security funding, voting rights, the separation of church and state, hate crimes and gun responsibility. 

The JCRC combats antisemitic activity and advocates on behalf of local Jewish individuals and institutions that have been targets of bias and harassment. In addition, the JCRC supports the Jewish Federation’s work for strong well-resourced health and human services sectors by advocating for social services that meet the needs of underrepresented communities.  

The JCRC maintains relationships with government leaders, educates community members on issues and advocacy, and connects these two groups to discuss topics of importance to the Jewish community. 


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The JCRC’s Domestic Affairs committee is composed of lay leaders, who address issues of antisemitism, racism and bigotry, the separation of church and state, and other topics of particular concern to the five county, Greater Philadelphia region.

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