The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is grateful for the extraordinary support of our Jewish community during the war in Ukraine. Our Emergency Response campaign focused on Ukraine has raised $1.5 million, which aids in providing critical humanitarian work on the ground.

This tremendous effort is part of a North American emergency fundraising campaign. In a combined effort, Jewish Federations have raised $78 million for Ukraine humanitarian efforts. Of these funds, $7 million will be allocated with a focus on emergency winter relief for this upcoming season. Additional funds have been allocated to more than 50 NGOs operating on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries, including our core partner agencies, The Jewish Agency for Israel, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), and World ORT. These incredible organizations provide essential humanitarian services and needs such as housing, clothing, cash assistance, medical attention, mental health services, life-saving rescue operations, security, and transportation to refugees, including those who are making Aliyah.  

Local Grants

Locally, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s Emergency Response Committee reviews and approves requests for support.

To date, the following distributions of emergency fund dollars have been made : 

  • $755,000 as part of The Jewish Federations of North America national campaign that provided funds to 35 NGOs operating on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries
  • $342,000 emergency funding for:
    • Ongoing refugee trauma services
    • Emergency and medical services in Ukraine
    • The Emergency Volunteer Project (EVP) to send 12 Greater Philadelphia firefighters to Ukraine to assist rescue and recovery teams
    • Financial resources for refugees in our Partnership2Gether region in Israel
    • IT Works, a pilot project based in Israel that offers employment training services for immigrants from Ukraine and Russia
  • $13,975 to HIAS PA for interpretation and legal services in anticipation of refugees coming to the Greater Philadelphia area

Help The Crisis in Ukraine Now
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