The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is committed to providing essential resources during the international crisis caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We are coordinating with all Jewish-affiliated organizations, schools, synagogues and agencies in the region to assess and address emerging needs. For resources and to donate to our emergency fund, please click below.

Today’s Jewish organizations are powered by rabbis and teachers, social workers and counselors, administrators and graphic designers, fundraisers and engagement professionals. They work in federations and day schools, at homes for the elderly, summer camps, in advocacy organizations, arts organizations, synagogues, and more. When we speak of the need to “strengthen the field” or “build the talent pipeline” it can be daunting to understand just where the field begins and ends. Yet regardless of the type of organization or particular role, we can agree that recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent at all levels and strengthening our connectedness across the field is paramount to driving transformational change within our Jewish communities and beyond.