We strongly advocate rescheduling the 2024 Primary Election date in Pennsylvania. The current date coincides with the first day of Passover, a significant holiday for the Jewish community.

On September 12, over 65 leaders from the Jewish community traveled with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia to the State Capitol in Harrisburg to advocate on several issues, including rescheduling the 2024 primary date. On September 21, the PA Senate expressed they wanted an earlier 2024 presidential primary, but this has fallen through.

Why This Matters :

On the first two days of Passover, Jews participate in synagogue services and some adhere to traditional restrictions, such as refraining from travel, writing and using electronic devices. By scheduling the Primary Election on a holy day like this, the inherent challenges posed to Jewish voters are evident. While voting by mail is an alternative, many community members prefer the meaningful experience of in-person voting.

Holding the Primary on the first day of Passover not only presents practical difficulties but it also sends a message of disregard for the rights and participation of Jewish voters. Rescheduling the Primary Election date would demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and ensure all citizens have equal access to exercise their democratic right to vote.

The Ask:

Move the primary date to March or the beginning of April so as not to conflict with Passover.

What Community Members Can Do:

The Greater Philadelphia community can call their state senators/representatives to urge them to move the 2024 primary date. You can find your elected official by clicking here.