Statement on DeSean Jackson: The anti-Semitic comments displayed by DeSean Jackson on his instagram are deeply offensive and disturbing. These words have been used for centuries to support the vilification and extermination of Jews. As a representative of our city, we call on DeSean Jackson to stop spreading hate and bigotry and to become better educated about anti-Semitism.


This month we’re taking a Jewish lens to the classic fall staple, the Pumpkin Spice Latte; we’re checking in on the status of the relationship of Diaspora Jews and Israel with the new Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel Isaac Herzog; and we’re sharing the surprising story of how the famous French mime Marcel Marceau saved Jewish children from the Nazis.

And in honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary, we’re sitting down with the founder of the enormously popular Honeygrow restaurants, Justin Rosenberg, to discuss his innovative model of combining healthy food with touchscreen technology, his vision for the future of casual dining and the hidden Torah messages found in Honeygrow’s name.