Statement on DeSean Jackson: The anti-Semitic comments displayed by DeSean Jackson on his instagram are deeply offensive and disturbing. These words have been used for centuries to support the vilification and extermination of Jews. As a representative of our city, we call on DeSean Jackson to stop spreading hate and bigotry and to become better educated about anti-Semitism.


This month, we’re talking about all things voting, starting with an update on the millennial outlook for the upcoming midterms, followed by a conversation on the local Philly political landscape with Jewish Exponent reporter Joshua Needleman and finally we’ll honor Gertrude Elion, the Nobel Prize winner who overcame discrimination to save lives.

And in honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary, we’re sitting down with political strategist Larry Ceisler to discuss what it’s like to be Israel’s PR representative, the challenges of remaining nonpartisan in an increasingly partisan world and his advice for young Jews who are seeking a career in Philly politics.