Every day the Jewish Federationā€™s Mitzvah Food Program (MFP) works tirelessly to fight hunger and malnutrition by providing nutritious food and basic staples in a caring and dignified manner to families in need through its four food pantries.

Wish lists

Click on the Wish List below to see our specific food needs and make a donation. Please select “MFP Gift Registry Address” as the shipping address when checking out your order.

About the food drive

COVID-19 has caused a disruption in the food supply chain but while Mitzvah Food Program has adjusted to this, the food that is purchased is more expensive. Due to the challenges presented by COVID-19, we are modifying our normal High Holiday Food Drive and instead invite you to check out our food pantry wish lists above. Encouraging your congregations, students, and parents to purchase food from these lists can help us save money for the food that we purchase for our clients. The products are then shipped directly to a pantry of your choice.

Your participation in this food drive will help supplement our food pantries for several months and enable us to continue to stretch our dollars to serve the more than 1,900 families that attend our pantries each month. You do not need to register and we encourage participation in this year round, not just at the High Holidays. If you have any questions please email us at mitzvahfoodprogram@jewishphilly.org