“Elohai Neshama she Natatah Bi – Tohorah Hee”
“G-d, the Soul, the breath that you have given me, is pure.”
You formed it, you breathed it into me; you keep body and soul together.

Talmud teaches us:
When G-d created human beings in G-d’s own image, G-d created humanity from a single being so that no one can claim that one person’s parent is greater than another’s, that it is the uniqueness of every human being that is proof of the power of G-d.

All lives do not matter until all Black lives matter. G-d is not recognized as G-d until Black lives matter.

Each and every unique soul is sacred, each and every breath we take is precious and a gift from G-d.

As we accept upon ourselves the obligation to love each and every person as ourselves: We are blessed to be able to be here together, each of us as individuals and as part of the diversity of G-d’s creation, to affirm that while we may not complete the work of building a just world, we are not free to desist from that work.