Bring Israel to life with educational programs and workshops for your organization or community.

Learn about Israeli culture and politics from experts on the region, such as our former shlicha Bat El Trabelsi and our colleagues in our partnership region, Netivot and Sdot Negev. From family programming to politics, food to pop culture, there’s an Israel program for everybody!


  • Cost: $50 per program/workshop
  • Programs can be offered once or as part of a series
  • Programs can be tailored to different ages and audiences
  • For more information, contact

Menu of Israel Workshops

Cooking Classes With Israeli Chefs (with Partnership 2Gether)

Learn how to cook authentic North African and Ethiopian dishes with families from Netivot and Sdot Negev.

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Israel Through Movies And TV

Learn about how Israeli TV shows and movies represent the Israeli experience, and how American pop culture represents Israel. Plus, hear from Israelis on the films they love.

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Israeli Cinema Featuring Original Student Films From Sapir Academic College (with Partnership 2Gether)

Young Israeli film directors present their films and share their perspectives on their communities and life in Israel.

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Israel Through A Woman’s Eyes (with former Shlicha Bat El Trabelsi)

See Israel from a woman’s perspective and learn about some of the country’s most powerful women.

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Israel Through Its Music (with Partnership 2Gether)

Every nation has its own mythology and ethos that shapes its cultural soul. But what do you do when a nation is thousands of years old but its members and culture is spread all over the world? From the end of the 19th century and forward, the rejuvenated Jewish culture had an amazing “startup”, and the popular Hebrew song, made its way to become a sonic sculpture for the nation, state and society.

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Israel: A Family Story (with former Shlicha Bat El Trabelsi)

Hear the stories of Jewish families from diverse backgrounds, and learn how their traditions, practices, and stories of immigration shed light on the larger history of Israel.

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Resilience: How Do Communities Under Threat Keep It Together? (with Partnership 2Gether)

Living in the Gaza Envelope (the area in Israel bordering the volatile Gaza Strip) brings challenges and opportunities for Israeli residents. Hear from the front line organizations and professionals about living, coping and thriving under pressure.

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Take It To The Streets—In Israel (with former Shlicha Bat El Trabelsi)

Take a deep dive into the main issues Israelis face today: COVID-19, politics, the economy and above all, the effects on the everyday people on the street.

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Ten Days of TODAH (Gratitude) (with former Shlicha Bat El Trabelsi)

Between Yom HaSho’ah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day) there are 10 days. In recent years, many Israelis have used those 10 days to focus on gratitude and encourage expressions of thankfulness. We can create a shared program for teens in Israel and Philadelphia to come together to practice gratitude in their communities. This is an amazing opportunity to spread good in the community!

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Family Program: Under the Same Moon (with Partnership 2Gether)

We invite you to participate in a special program that brings families across the seas, together, under the same moon. The program is based on a children’s book created especially for this program and engages families to exchange experiences and connect in the most authentic, fun and creative way.

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Why is Peace in the Middle East So Complicated? (with former Shlicha Bat El Trabelsi)

Based on the bestseller “Catch 67” by popular Israeli philosopher Micah Goodman, this workshop discusses Israeli attitudes to the conflict and new perspectives for understanding the deeper issues behind it.

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Zionism In The 21st Century (with former Shlicha Bat El Trabelsi)

The state of Israel exists thanks to the Zionist movement of the 19th century, but is it still relevant today? Has Zionism ceased to be useful in a post-1948 world, or is it still important? And what does it mean to be Zionist, anyway? In this session we will examine these questions and what they mean for the Jewish world as a whole.

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Traveling Israel Exhibits

Transform any room into an educational Israel exhibition! The Jewish Federation offers easy-to-set-up displays about Israeli history and culture, allowing you to bring the diversity and beauty of Israel into your community. Click here to learn more and see our offerings.

To reserve one of the exhibits, contact Beth Razin at or 215-832-0536.