The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia strongly condemns hate speech in our community and throughout the world. When anti-Semitic hate speech was expressed by Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill, we immediately took action with national and local partners. We have and will continue to condemn comments that reject the state of Israel and the Jewish connection to our homeland.

Each year, approximately $1 million of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s Jewish Community Fund comes from two very important sources: Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowments (PACE) and Lion of Judah Endowments (LOJE).

PACE (Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment) Fund

If you make an annual gift to the Jewish Federation’s Jewish Community Fund, you may want to consider creating an endowment that will fund that yearly gift for generations to come. You can set up a PACE, a permanent named endowment fund, with a minimum gift of $25,000.

Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) Fund

A woman who is a Lion of Judah can endow her annual gift to Jewish Federation of $5,000 or more by establishing a LOJE, ensuring that her support for the Jewish community continues even after she is gone. A Lion of Judah creates a LOJE by establishing a minimum fund of $100,000 or more in her name, during her lifetime or by putting a bequest in her will.

By endowing her gift, she joins a long honor roll of women who have elected to take this step to sustain Jewish life. A LOJE may choose to enhance her Lion of Judah pin by adding a flame, known in Hebrew as or l’atid, to recognize this eternal commitment.