mission statement

The Center City Kehillah is a network of communities representing the diversity of Jewish life in urban Philadelphia. As a hub for Jewish life, we strengthen individual and communal connections by creating both accessible entry points and in-depth opportunities to grow. Our participating organizations include synagogues and congregations; cultural, educational, and social justice institutions; and nonprofit initiatives. 

We understand that our Center City Kehillah organizations range in size, financial capacity, and volunteer resources. If your organization is interested in being involved in building Jewish community across organizational affiliation, please join this network as a participating organization! Participating Organizations agree to uphold our mission statement (see above) and are approved under the guidance of the steering team.

Partner Guidelines

  • Contribute financially to the organization. All organizations are encouraged to contribute at the $360 level if they are able, though smaller contributions will be welcomed to accommodate organizations’ differing capacities. We value your commitment and won’t turn organizations away based on finances. Please consult with Miriam and the steering team if alternative arrangements are needed.
  • Are listed in our online directory as a Participating Organization. Organizations commit to keeping their listings and contact information up to date.
  • Are Jewish organizations with a majority of their time, presence, and constituents based in Center City (defined as including South Philly, West Philly, Germantown, and Chestnut Hill). Partnerships with other organizations are evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Will be considered as a sponsor of Center City Kehillah events, unless an organization chooses to opt out for a particular event.
  • Commit to the following:
  • Building relationships with staff, clergy, and lay leaders from other Center City organizations.
  • Referring constituents to other organizations, as appropriate.
  • Contributing energy and resources to planning and promoting Kehillah-sponsored events.
  • Selecting a representative who will attend monthly meetings on a consistent basis.
  • Getting involved in working groups, event committees, and/or steering team.


To become a participating organization, you agree to these guidelines and are approved under the guidance of the steering team. Contact us at centercity@jewishphilly.org for more information or to get involved.

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