Communities across North America have been devastated by a wave of natural disasters. The Jewish Federation of North America has continuously activated our network of community resources and support services to help all those in need. With every challenge, we have used the strength of our collective Jewish Federation system to keep emergency resources flowing to where they are most needed.


With so many people and communities in need of support, we encourage you to provide donations to three of our essential relief efforts. Every dollar donated will be used to provide crucial services, from search and rescue services to rebuild and recovery efforts.


The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is committed to providing support until all communities have sufficiently recovered. Help us help them by donating to:

Hurricane Relief

When Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, the Jewish Federation of North America’s network of emergency response services immediately mobilized. The island is in desperate need of fuel, food and emergency personnel; the situation has become a dire humanitarian crisis. As we dispatch our relief services to Puerto Rico, we are still on the ground in Florida and Houston to help our communities recover from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. In response, we are encouraging our community to donate to a general hurricane relief fund, with 100 percent of the proceeds set to provide resources to our Jewish communities that are most in need.

Help us help our communities who are in need of the most basic human services.

To see how funds raised have already made an impact, click here.

International Aid

When a 7.1-magnitude earthquake sent shockwaves throughout central Mexico last week, our partners at the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) immediately mobilized to provide search and rescue support and emergency aid. JDC is also on the ground in Cuba and Haiti, supporting local communities by providing hygiene kits, safe drinking water and education and recovery services for children.

As part of a global Jewish network, we have always ensured humanitarian relief for those who’ve needed it. Help our partners at the JDC help some of the world’s most vulnerable populations recover from the latest string of natural disasters.


In Houston, nearly three-quarters of the local Jewish community live in areas that had extensive flooding and home damage. One thousand Jews are currently displaced from their homes, and nearly every Jewish-owned business or institution was impacted in some way. We were proud to partner with other Jewish Federations across the country to raise millions of dollars to provide immediate emergency relief in the area. Here are some of the ways this money has already made a significant impact:

  • Met immediate urgent needs: Temporary housing, food and cleaning supplies were immediately available in the first few days after the hurricane.
  • Established safe spaces for children: When the central JCC was deemed unsafe, a day camp was opened for children so their families could focus on rebuild efforts.
  • Helped synagogue congregants: Rabbis at three affected synagogues were issued grants to help their congregants rebuild and recover.
  • Offered trauma support: The most affected families are now able to receive telephone-based counseling sessions and can schedule in-person appointments with trauma specialists.

Experts say it will take many years before Houston will make a full recovery. While your support has helped address the most urgent needs in the Jewish community, the difficult rebuilding period is far from over.